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24th Edition of EuroPOWER

The EuroPOWER Energy Conference, over the course of its last 23 editions, has always aimed to tackle the most recent challenges and problems of the power industry. Twice a year, all the key representatives of the industry come together in order to discuss the most important aspects in the power industry. The Conference held by MM Conferences SA is a highly effective and neutral platform for dialog and has firmly established its place in the calendar of the most important economic events in Poland.

Topics discussed during the Conference are selected with the participation of the Advisory Board chaired by Dr Leszek Juchniewicz. The Advisory Board consists of presidents and members of the management boards of key entities in the market, representatives of government administration (including the regulator), representatives of the world of science and members of chambers of commerce.

Discussions held at the event center concern crucial changes in the market, analysis of new trends and a joint effort to find business models that allow implementing the adopted strategies in the most effective manner. The participation of key figures in the industry, in science and in administration enables viewing the power industry holistically, with a particular emphasis put on such cooperating sectors as, among others, telecommunications, banking and insurance.

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