On 19-20 November 2014 at the Warsaw Westin Hotel took place XX EuroPOWER Energy Conference. The opening speech was delivered by Mr. Janusz Piechociński, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy. The conference brought together representatives from energy, fuel, power plant, electricity network companies, public administration and business entities providing services for the industry.

We are finishing work on the Polish Energy Policy 2050. However, it will be subject to constantamendments, so as to reflect changes in markets, new energy sources, new phenomena and technologies. Energy is inextricably linked with other industries and has tremendous impact on their competitiveness. Behind energy solutions lie fundamental challenges in the modern economy. The priority in this area is the production of energy from own sources at favourable prices. So today we are inscribing these conclusions into concrete actions, clear for market investment processes, assessed by experts, entrepreneurs and administration “- said Deputy Prime Minister Janusz Piechociński during the inauguration.

First thematic block was devoted to the key document for the sector, Polish Energy Policy 2050. The introduction to the discussion was delivered by Mr. Janusz Michalski from the Ministry of Economy, followed by the discussion panel with participation i.e.: Marcin Moskalewicz (PERN „Przyjaźń” S.A.), Zbigniew Stopa (LW Bogdanka), Paweł Orlof (ENEA ), Małgorzata Skucha (National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management).

The next panel discussion, concerning European Energy Market was attended by i.e. Piotr Piela (EY), Rafał Czyżewski (ENERGA-OPERATOR), Halina Bownik-Trymucha (Energy Regulatory Office) oraz Piotr Rak (PSE).

Thoughts on the consequences of the liberalization of the gas market were shared by i.e. Maciej Bando (Energy Regulatory Office), Jerzy Kurella (Polish Oil and Gas Company) and Piotr Ostaszewski (Energy for Companies).

The first day ended with a block of energetics as a source of innovation for the economy with the participation of Jean-Andre Barbosa (Areva), Piotr Muszyński (Orange Polska) and Prof. Stanisław Wincenciak (Warsaw University of Technology).

Distributed Energy was the topic that opened the second day of the Conference. The current and future state of was discussed by representatives of public administration, energy and technology companies as well as advisory bodies.

The conference ended with a panel dedicated to the Polish power industry in the capital market, which was attended by, among others, by Paweł Tamborski (Warsaw Stock Exchange), Irenaeus Łazor (Polish Power Exchange) and Piotr Janicki (ENEA).

We encourage you to look at the photos from the event. We already invite to the next edition of the EuroPOWER Conference, which will be held on 15 – 16 April 2015.