Program | 32nd EuroPOWER Energy Conference


Agenda of the 31st EuroPOWER Energy Conference and the OZE Power Congress

Day I, 29 June 2020

9:30 – 9:40 Speeches of Presidents

  • dr Leszek Juchniewicz, Chairman of the EuroPower Advisory Board
  • Maciej Bando, Vice Chairman of the OZE Power Advisory Board

9:40 – 9:50 Honorary guest:

  • Ireneusz Zyska, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Climate, Government Plenipotentiary for RES

9:50 – 10:30 Polish economy and energy during the pandemic and on the way to climate neutrality

  • European Green Deal
  • The EU’s climate neutrality plan until 2050 and Poland’s perspective
  • Pro-climatic synergy of the Polish economy
  • Development direction of the Polish energy sector. Where, when and at what rate are we moving away from coal?
  • Can we afford to accelerate the implementation of nuclear energy?
  • CO2 reduction. Central, regional, local and household activities


  • Wojciech Jakóbik, Editor-in-chief, Biznes Alert


  • Zbigniew Gryglas, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of State Assets, Plenipotentiary for offshore wind energy development
  • Dorota Dębińska-Pokorska, Partner, PwC
  • Arkadiusz Sekściński, Vice President of Development, PGNiG
  • Kamil Wyszkowski, General Director, UN Global Compact Network Polska

10:30 – 11:10 New structure of the energy sector – a new energy market model

  • Synergy of the local market with the wholesale market is the most important challenge
  • The integrity of the Polish energy market with European markets
  • PEP2040 and the National Plan for Energy and Climate as a signpost for the development of the Polish energy sector. An operational plan, specific tasks, schedules and cost estimates, so-called milestones, monitoring systems and an evaluating system are needed.
  • New business models and the role of traditional energy companies


  • Joanna Maćkowiak-Pandera, President of the Management Board, Forum Energii


  • Rafał Gawin, President, Energy Regulatory Office
  • Grzegorz Onichimowski, Senior Consultant, NODESmarket
  • Piotr Zawistowski, CEO, Polish Power Exchange (TGE)

11:00 – 11:55 Renewable energy in the Polish energy mix

  • The contribution of clean energy in the energy mix
  • Intelligent management system for renewable energy sources
  • Growth forecasts for green energy in Poland in the coming years
  • National Low Emissions Strategy – our common challenge
  • Renewable energy supply chain – Polish specialisation and export offer


  • Michał Hetmański, Lead researcher& Co-founder, Fundacja Instrat


  • Mariusz Gajda, Managing Director, Energa OZE
  • Aleksandra Radwańska, International Business Development Manager, Next Kraftwerke
  • Roman Szwed, CEO, ATENDE
  • Przemysław Sztandera, CEO, Pomeranian Special Economic Zone

11:55 – 12:40 How to make the most of the Just Transformation Fund?

  • Structure and volume of forecasted transformation costs. What support can we count on – the size and form of support, schedules, beneficiaries and dispatchers.
  • Climate neutrality – an opportunity or a threat to energy-intensive industries?
  • Impact of the power market on energy transformation
  • Transformation of post-mining regions – change in the economic and social profile of regions
  • How can the Polish financial sector support and should support the energy transformation?


  • Katarzyna Szwarc, Board Member & Lead Researcher, Fundacja Instrat


  • Grzegorz Puda, Secretary of State, Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy
  • Anna Chmielewska, Associate Director, Europejski Bank Odbudowy i Rozwoju
  • dr Janusz Michałek, CEO, Katowice Special Economic Zone

12:40 – 13:20 Reform of the Polish electricity distribution sector

  • Are distribution networks ready for climate change?
  • Innovative solutions in energy transmission and distribution
  • Integration of distribution networks with dynamic power increases from renewable sources
  • Security of electricity transmission in critical situations
  • Smart metering
  • Network traffic management – real-time decision making in transmission and distribution
  • Closed distribution systems are a market opportunity for customers in geographically limited areas
  • Direct line between the recipient and the producer – the possibility of concluding PPA services


  • Robert Tomaszewski, Senior Energy Analyst, Polityka Insight


  • Tomasz Bendlewski, Director of the Energy and Gas Division, Asseco Poland
  • dr Christian Schnell, Expert, Jagiellonski Institute
  • Robert Zasina, CEO, TAURON Dystrybucja

13:20 – 14:00 Energy consumers and prosumers – the essence of energy transformation – we are changing the philosophy of thinking about energy

  • Priority recipient of the energy market
  • How to increase the involvement of final recipients in the transformation process?
  • Distributed energy and its impact on network development directions and network traffic management
  • “Zielona kolej” Program – an interdisciplinary economic program
  • “Moj Prad” Program – challenges and opportunities for Polish prosumers
  • Global prosumer megatrends
  • DSR in the National Power System


  • Filip Kowalski, General Manager for Energy & Natural Resources SAP Middle Eastern Europe


  • Marek Kulesa, Director, The Association of Energy Trading
  • Grzegorz Lot, Vice-President, POLENERGIA Dystrybucja
  • Artur Michalski, Deputy President of the Board, National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management
  • Michał Skorupa, CEO, Foton Technik (Grupa innogy)

Day II, 30 June 2020, EuroPower & OZE POWER Congress

9:30 – 10:20 Wind energy in energy policy

  • New act on the development of offshore wind farms
  • Cooperation of Polish companies in offshore development
  • Regulations and permit processes
  • Success factors of Polish wind
  • Objectives for wind energy in Poland including the maritime spatial development plan
  • Infrastructure and human resources – supply chain preparation
  • Development of the power grid dedicated to wind farms

9:30 – 9:35 Video speech:

  • Giles Dickson, CEO, Wind Europe

9:35 – 10:20 Debate:


  • Jakub Wiech, Deputy Editor-in-chief,


  • Jarosław Dybowski, Executive Director for Energy, PKN ORLEN
  • Zbigniew Gryglas, Undersecretary of State, Ministry of State Assets, Plenipotentiary for offshore wind energy development
  • Jan Biernacki, Vice Director, PwC
  • Kamila Tarnacka, Vice President, The Polish Wind Energy Association (PWEA)

10:20 – 10:25 Presentaton: Key factors for successful offshore wind development – UK’s lessons learned

  • Karl John, Industrial Specialist – Offshore Wind, Department for International Trade, British Embassy Warsaw

10:25 – 11:15 Large-scale solar farms – development barriers

  • Are large-scale solar farms able to compete with conventional power plants?
  • Investor vs system restrictions
  • Connections for large photovoltaics
  • Can solar farms be a development alternative for brown coal regions?
  • Large-scale solar farm – as a development factor for regions
  • Integration of renewable sources in the transmission system
  • Development factor for region

10:25 – 10:35 resentation: From design to assembly – how to reduce installation costs while maintaining quality and safety standards

  • Paweł Wikrotrowicz, Director, CORAB

10:35 – 11:15 Debate


  • Tomasz Zadroga, RES expert, Chairman of the RES POWER Program Council


  • Henryk Biały, CEO, CORAB
  • Łukasz Krawcewicz, Vice President, Polish Photovoltaics Association
  • Jacek Rusiecki, COO, Neo Energy Group

11:15 – 11:50 Green energy for local communities

  • Local innovation to ensure competitive energy prices for entrepreneurs – green heat, local government initiatives
  • 1MW installations – civic power engineering or large scale?
  • Green power plants and green heat – awareness and role of local governments in the energy transformation of regions
  • Biogas plants the best option for the countryside?
  • Acquisition of biofuels as an alternative to meet some energy needs
  • Biomass and biofuels as local energy resources – potential stability of supply, recirculation of energy funds directly to producers and local communities
  • Concerns about the use of biomass (transport, emissions, risks)
  • Energy clusters as the Polish path of building distributed energy in the context of energy security


  • Maciej Bando, Vice-Chairman of the Advisory Board, OZE POWER Congress, President of Energy Regulatory Office in 2014-2019


  • Albert Gryszczuk, CEO, Zgorzelec Cluster for the Development of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency
  • Ewa Malicka, CEO, The Polish Association for Small Hydropower Development
  • Paweł Pisarczyk, CEO, Atende Software

11:50 – 12:20 Gas as a target or transient fuel for the Polish economy?

  • Economic use of gas (raw material and fuel)
  • LNG and CNG in industry and the economy
  • Methane mines – extraction and use
  • Syngas as an element of stabilisation of the fuel market
  • Hydrogen as a target alternative to natural gas
  • Does biogas in distribution systems/local distribution system pipes make sense and what conditions must be met?
  • The importance of gas in heating
  • Biomethane as transport fuel


  • Wojciech Jakóbik, Editor-in Chief, Biznes Alert


  • Ireneusz Krupa, Acting President of the Management Board, Polska Spółka Gazownictwa
  • Marcin Sienkiewicz, Deputy Director of the Gas Strategy and Projects Office, Polish Power Exchange (TGE)
  • Artur Zawartko, Vice-President, GAZ-SYSTEM

12:20 – 13:10 How to find clean air in the process of transformation of the Polish economy? Heating and cogeneration vs. smog over Poland.

  • Smog – the scale of the phenomenon and its economic, social and health consequences. How to fight threats effectively
  • How to “green” heating?
  • Energy efficiency in the generation of heat
  • Energy planning at the level of municipalities and regions
  • The attractiveness of medium and long-term heat storage in Polish energy and heating as well as the development of weather-dependent renewable energy sources: “sectors coupling”
  • Improving the ecological awareness of society – how to educate?
  • Energy potential of waste in distributed heating


  • Jakub Kajmowicz, Editor-in-chief,


  • Jacek Ozdoba, Secretary of State, Ministry of Climate
  • Tadeusz Bąk, CEO, Clean World Energy Systems sp. z o.o.
  • Andrzej Rubczyński, Heating Strategy Director, Forum Energii
  • Paweł Stańczyk, CEO, PGNiG Termika

13:10 – 13:35 Conventional energy in the era of change

Fire chat

  • Modernization of coal units
  • How will the economic crisis affect coal energy?


  • Jakub Wiech, Deputy Editor-in-chief,


  • Krzysztof Bolesta, Climate and energy advisor, Staff of the Presidential Candidate Szymon Hołownia
  • Tomasz Rogala, CEO, Polska Grupa Górnicza

13:35 – 14:15 Will the development of energy storage bring a positive impulse for the Polish economy? What stage are we at?

  • Large-scale energy storage
  • Energy storage – end user or electricity producer? Regulating the functioning of energy storage
  • Electric cars as mobile energy storage
  • Hydrogen as an alternative to battery storage
  • Network services for energy storage


  • Krzysztof Kochanowski, Vice-President, The Polish Chamber of Energy Storage


  • Mariusz Gajda, Managing Director, Energa OZE
  • Paweł Piotrowicz, Expert in the field of energy market and hydrogen technologies, TUV SUD
  • Robert Zasina, CEO, Tauron Dystrybucja

*The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the agenda, change the location and date of the Conference.

Update: 29.06.2020

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