29. Energy Conference EuroPOWER

29. EuroPOWER Energy Conference

24-25 April 2019,The Westin Warsaw Hotel

EuroPOWER Energy Conference

EuroPOWER Energy Conference is the most important meeting concerning the development of the energy sector in Poland. From the beginning of the project, the event aims to target the most recent challenges and problems of the energy industry.
Every six months, within the framework of the conference, all key representatives from the industry gather to discuss the most important changes in the market and to analyze new trends and business models that will allow them to implement the established strategies.
We are ahead of the 29th EuroPower Energy Conference which has become an extremely efficient platform for dialogue, and above all a place for public consultation of the leaders of the industry and co-operating sectors with top government representatives.
The agenda of the conference is co-created by The Advisory Board under the chairmanship of dr. Leszek Juchniewicz.The Board consists of presidents and board members of key energy companies, government members, regulators, academia and chambers of commerce representatives.
During the spring edition we will focus on presenting concrete solutions for the power industry among the key decision makers for the Polish economy.

Advisory Board EuroPOWER

dr Leszek Juchniewicz
Co-chairman of the Advisory Board
Remigiusz Nowakowski
Co-chairman of the Advisory Board
Piotr Rutkowski
Secretary General of the Council
Jadwiga Emilewicz
Undersecretary of State, Ministry of Economic Development
Tomasz Dąbrowski
Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Energy
Maciej Bando
President of Energy Regulatory Office
Filip Grzegorczyk
President of the Management Board, TAURON Polska Energia
Eryk Kłossowski
President of the Management Board, PSE Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne
Piotr Woźniak
President of the Management Board of the PGNiG SA
Piotr Adamczak
Member of the Management Board for Commercial Affairs, Enea S.A.
Wojciech Dąbrowski
President of the Management Board, PGE Energia Ciepła
Bohdana Horáčkovák
President of the Management Board, CEZ Polska
Jacek Głowacki
Vice-president of the Management Board, Grupa Polenergia S.A.
Andrzej J. Piotrowski
Vice President of the Managament Board, PGE Systems

Thematic scope EuroPOWER

  • Polish energy on the verge of economy 4.0 – which production sources should be used?
  • Polish energy policy vs the competitiveness of the Polish market
  • European electric energy market – diagnosis and direction of change. Recommendation for Polish system operators
  • We want to be innovative. How to release innovation in the energy sector?
  • Seller and consumer – polarization on the energy market
  • Heat engineering and cogeneration – current status and development prospects

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Report from XXVIII Energy Conference EuroPOWER

Why is it worth taking part in EuroPOWER

"EuroPOWER Energy Conference focuses on modernity. Our ambition is to keep up with the development of energy in the world, and in some areas, even overtake this development."

Krzysztof Tchórzewski, Minister of Energy

"The EuroPOWER Energy Conference is one of the most important meetings on the Polish conference map. It’s interesting, because it connects varying views of energy, from representatives of corporations, government and technology providers. The event is a good review of how we keep up with the development of the energy market on a regional scale. What’s more, the discussions that take place at EuroPOWER are a valuable experience and for those who make major decisions and for those who operate on the market. This exchange of experiences and exchange of opinions is very important in today’s world of modern energy, which is changing dynamically."

Piotr Woźniak, President of the Management Board of the PGNiG SA

"I’m always happy to participate in these conferences. It’s a great place to exchange views and meet people from various sectors, but above all else, the energy industry – both energy companies and consumers. For the regulator – regulation and balancing of interests is the most important goal."

Maciej Bando, President, Energy Regulatory Office

"EuroPOWER Energy Conference is an interesting occasion to discuss in panels. There is always the chance to give questions, even via the internet, and behind the scenes its possible to meet personalities of the energy and economy world."

Wojciech Jakóbik, Editor-in-Chief, BiznesAlert

"EuroPOWER is one of the best energy conferences in Poland. Great speakers – and it is possible to make contact and run interesting conversations from both from the private and public sectors."

Maciej Ciszewski, Team Leader, Directorate-General for Energy, European Comission

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